Redefine the Influence of Influencer Content
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Key Numbers
Global Influencers
Cover Fans
Self-managed Influencers
Remai Data Analytics Platform
Smart Influencer Matching Tool
Screen and evaluate influencers based on various criteria such as audience engagement, content quality, and niche relevance.
Complete Marketing Matching Tool
Enables brands to gain valuable insights into influencers' performance, audience demographics, content trends, and industry benchmarks.
Supervision and Optimization Strategy
Real-time monitoring and analysis of influencers' posts, ensuring compliance with brand guidelines, tracking campaign performance, and providing prompt feedback.
Anti-Fraud System
Effectively detects and prevents fraudulent activities and suspicious behavior, ensuring brands collaborate with genuine and trustworthy influencers.
Advantages of Duomai Influencer
Global Reach
Comprehensive Influencer Strategy
High ROI Performance
150,000+ cooperated global influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Weibo, Red, etc. Exclusive global communities where influencers can share item recommendations, purchasing advice, latest deals with their fans.
Influencer Team
Content and Strategy
Expertise in providing high-quality images and copy that can attract customers for influencers.
Influencer Development Team
Professional in nurturing and empowering influencers. Expertise in audience engagement, and industry trends.
Analytics and Insights Team
Extracting meaningful data from influencer campaigns, audience behavior, and market trends, uncover key performance.
Business Development Team
Actively seeks out new business opportunities, and fosters relationships with potential brands.
Technical Support Team
Experts focused on providing tech assistance and expertise in fraud detection